Letter to President Van Pelt from the Nevada NOW Board

Dear President Van Pelt:

We, the Board of Directors of the Nevada chapter of the National Organization for Women, request that you resign effective immediately.

The damage that you have inflicted upon our organization with your repeated racist behavior and lack of self-awareness leads us to the conclusion that we no longer hold confidence in the integrity of your leadership. Our PAC endorsed candidates are already questioning the value and impact of our endorsement on their campaigns. We, along with hundreds of other state chapters, will be forced to close our doors because we will no longer hold the confidence of our members and communities. This egregious damage will require years to heal and can only begin once you have resigned.

Our members are looking to us to see how NOW responds to accusations of racism within our organization. Should you not resign, or the National Board is unable to remove you, we will lose the trust and respect of our members. We must lead by example with zero tolerance for racism.

The Nevada NOW Board,

Jeri Burton, President

Tricia Methner, Executive Vice President

Sue Burtch, Secretary

LiNor Ng Briley, Treasurer

Eva Love, Director of Outreach

Madalena Robertson, Director of Media